Player of the Year Candidates

We have asked the Player of the Month candidates from 2018 to create a write up on themselves to better inform you on their accomplishments before voting who should win Player of the Year for 2018. Please read each candidates bio then head on over to: to vote! The winner will receive a free sponsorship for one year! Voting closes 3/24/19!

Vivian Ovrootsky:

Championships did not come easy in 2018, but I still accomplished several goals I set for myself and also achieved things I did not plan for. Last year I won level 3 National 16u tournament in Las Vegas (both singles and doubles.) In July, I got to the finals of Girls 14u National clay court championships, taking home the silver ball. The following month, I reached the quarterfinals of both singles and doubles of the USTA National Hard Court championship (known to be one of the most prestigious tournaments in the nation.)

In the past year, I was working hard on my fitness (overall speed, strength, and core). This focused approach probably contributed to less overall wins but I am looking into the future and improving my fitness level was the huge accomplishment. I've got leaner, stronger and faster, which were my big goals. I was developing my B game: more action on the ball with defensive focus. Lastly, I improved my serve, making it more powerful, consistent, and having better placement. It is still work in progress but all including my coaches and myself feel that I am on the right track.
And here comes my biggest accomplishment: improving my mental game. Though I have been working on it for many years now, I saw a lot of improvement last year in particular. I am able to control my emotions better and being able to calm my nerves in difficult situations. Even though I am working on being more composed, I still find a way to be myself on the court, acting professionally in most situations.  As someone said "Developing tennis player is not sprint but marathon" so I am looking forward to another year to see more improvements and results will come. As always thanks, ADNA, for supporting me in my journey.

Midori Castillo:

1) I won the gold ball at  winter nationals at the beginning of 2018 

2) Usta National level 3 Champion 

3) Fullerton jr tournament Finalist 

4) Usta National level 2 champion 

5) Esme Pearson champion 

6) Woody hunt Finalist 

7) Mary Brymer Champion 

8) Los Caballeros Champion 

9) Yamasaki Finalist  

Adult open tournaments-

1) Metropolitan tournament champion 

2) $ 8,000 riverside tournament Semi- Finalist. 

In some of the tournaments I played G’s 18. Thank you so much for this opportunity and it’s always an honor to be part of ADNA family. 

Leighton Allen:

  • Final national ranking Boys 18s Singles - 4
  • Final national ranking Boys 18s Doubles - 5
  • Highest Tennis Recruiting Ranking for 2018 for Class of 2020: 4
  • Singles record for 2018: 52-21
  • Doubles record for 2018: 45-9
  • Number of titles for 2018: 7 titles for 2018
  • ITF Results for 2018:  1 final singles Grade 4, 3 semis in singles for Grade 4, 2 doubles ITF titles
  • Record vs Blue Chip and 5 star: 28-22
  • Played 3 ITF Mens Futures and won 3 matches
  • Committed to University of Texas for Fall of 2020

Elijah Poritzky:

My name is Elijah Poritzky and I am from Saratoga Springs NY. I started playing tennis when I was 5 and started competing when I was 9. I have been to South Carolina at Smith Stearns tennis academy for a year. I was then working with a private coach in California for a year. Now for the past 2 years I have been training at tennis academy Mallorca in Mallorca, Spain.  

Accomplishments this year include, 

  • Getting a high of 11.5 on UTR 
  • Getting my first ITF points.
  • Going from not having an ITF ranking to being 1100 in the world. 
  • Making it to the semis of an ITF  

Charlotte Chio:

2018 was a great year for me! It started with a tennis sponsorship to Athletic DNA after being discovered by Devin at a tournament. I never thought I was good enough to be a sponsored player, but she took a chance on me. When I received my first ADNA player package I was afraid and ashamed of wearing the apparel. I didn’t want to make ADNA look bad by not playing well at tournaments. This made me work harder to prove to myself and everyone that I was worthy of wearing the ADNA logo. 

In March, I was fortunate to get selected to the Competitive Tennis Center (CTC) team representing the San Gabriel Valley. It allowed me to get better by playing against other elite players in Southern California. At first, I didn’t wear ADNA to the practices and matches.  During the 3 month team tennis season, I noticed I played better when I wore ADNA.

Before I turned 13 in June, I had made the top 50 in Southern California for girls 12 singles. I was proudly wearing ADNA for all my matches. 

From October to December, I won four girls 14 singles tournaments in row. This was my biggest accomplishment ever. My star and UTR ratings increased, and I made the top 70 in girls 14 singles in Southern California. 

At the end of the year, I was so proud to be selected December 2018 Athletic DNA player of the month. This made me feel so happy that I cried when my father told me the good news. I worked so hard to get stronger, quicker, and mentally tough. It validated the hard work I put into my game in 2018. 

When asked about ADNA, I proudly tell other players and friends how much I enjoy the quality of the clothing. I love the designs, the colors, and the logo. I especially love the feeling I get when I wear the brand. It gives my a sense of confidence that is difficult to describe. When I’m losing a match, or playing a third set tie breaker, I stop and look at the ADNA logo on my skirt and it gives me a sense of calm and a boost to fight back. I feel the ADNA sponsorship has pushed me to be a better player. I feel proud that I am worthy of wearing the ADNA logo. 

Jacqueline Soloveychik:

My name is Jacqueline Soloveychik and I just turned 14 last December. I was born in Ireland to Jewish parents who emigrated from Russia. Three years ago we moved to the United States. I speak Irish, Russian, English, Spanish, and French. In 2018 I won the USTA National Level 2 in Texas without dropping a single set the entire tournament. At the end of 2018 I won the North Draw of Winter Nationals Level 1 in Tucson, AZ where I lost only a single match out of 7. In one of the matches I was down almost all the time but managed to save the match by winning the tie-break 11-9. This helped me break into Top 50 G14 USTA National ranking. More importantly, it helped me learn to believe in myself. I am very lucky to have great coaches, supportive parents, fantastic friends and an opportunity to play tennis with the best kids in the country.

Ryan Wagner

One of my earliest memories was a ball set that my parents bought me for my 2nd Christmas. Ever since that gift, I gravitate towards any sport involving a ball to toss, stick to hold, and target to aim for.  Specifically, tennis is my true love and obsession. Outside of school, family, and practice, I spend much of my free time learning more about the game - strategies, new tennis technologies, racquet specifications, string types and preferred tensions, autobiographies, as well as the history of the game on all surfaces. During 2018, I focused more on my training and improvements towards my overall game. This year I was began playing national level tournaments, reaching the consolation semi-finals of my first national level tournament in June. Before my 13th birthday, I reached top 35 for my USTAMAS Division and began training at the Junior Tennis Champions Center (JTCC) in Maryland. Since committing to a JTCC's after school program, I reached 3 Finals and 3 Semi-Finals, bringing home 3 titles. Additionally, I spent one month at the IMG's Bolletieri Tennis and won a summer UTR tournament sponsored by IMG. Since turning 13, I maintain a top 50 USTAMAS Division ranking, hold an 8 UTR average, participated in three national level tournaments, five regional tournaments, and one International UTR tournament (Little/Big Mo). I am very excited for the changes ahead! With the support of my family, friends, coaches, and the local public school system, in two weeks I will transition to a full-time time school and tennis program with JTCC. Thank you so much ADNA for your amazing support and wonderful apparel! I am really grateful for the opportunity to continue as an ADNA Helix Player.

 Blessing Benibo:

I started tennis when I was 13 but I have put in a large amount of effort and dedication to get better at this sport. I started attending Newks when I was 15 and went from a Texas level champ to a national level player in a little under a year and a half.  In the summer of my junior year I got injured at the Clay Court Nationals. I had a grade two sprain on my right ankle and was out for 7 weeks. I decided to take a gap year because of the injury and am now looking to play division 1 tennis. Last year in 2018 I finished my senior year and started my gap year. At the beginning of the year I got 3rd in supers excellence b draw. I had success in doubles this year winning the college station super and second in the Corpus Christi national level 2. I also got 4th in both the Carry l3 and all state Sugar bowl l3 in doubles. I finished my junior tennis career with Winter Nationals and will continue to train for the next six months at Newks before college.